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February 7, 2020

GLITCH IN THE CODE - Mathew Valentinas (Producer of An Open Secret)

This week I produced one of my most in depth podcasts with Matthew Valentinas who is one of the producers of "An Open Secret". An Open Secret is one the most shocking documentaries i've seen in years and its slated as the "Film That Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See". 

This incredible documentary investigates the dark situation at The Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) which was an early version of what Netflix was to become in terms of online content. Matthew and his team tell the stories of a number of young men who were child actors at the time and how they were reportedly groomed and abused whilst producing content for the platform, it is believed that was the main reason for the platforms creation.  In the film the boys, now young men, talk about Mark Collins Rector and his partner Chad Shakley who along with a young Brock Pearce (Now in Bitcoin) had arranged numerous parties for the young boys at the M&C estate where the acts are said to have been committed as well as elsewhere during that time. The film covers the impact of this horrifying ordeal on the young men in later life. 

What makes this even more astounding is that this "project" was funded by the Biggest Names in Hollywood such as Dave Geffen who is the business partner of Stephen Speilberg at Dreamworks and Bryan Singer who is the director of XMen and someone who had numerous accusations against him. There are also links to Microsoft and Disney. 

The founder Mark Collins Rector is now a convicted Sex offender who has appeared to gone off grid as nobody seems to know where he is. 

In this fascinating interview Matthew Valentinas he talks about the making of the documentary, his ongoing research into Hollywood and those that run it today as well as just why this is truly the film that Hollywood Does Not Want You To See, thus they had to self distribute the film.

To watch the full film for Free click the link below

A special shout out should be made to the brave man who funded this film in Gabe Hoffman who donated all original sales to The Courage to Act Foundation and made this film because he believes it to be the right thing to do. And the director Amy Berg who did a fantastic job. 

Please connect with Matthew if you have any further information

An support An Open Secret by following the link below and sharing the film far and wide.

I would like to thank Matthew, Gabe, Amy and everyone involved in this important film. Hollywood is being revealed as hiding darkness behind its curtains. 




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