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July 8, 2019

GLITCH IN THE CODE : HENRY MAKOW - The Cult That Hijacked The World

In my most controversial interview yet, I had the pleasure of sitting down for the first time to chat with Henry Makow, who is the author of the incredible series of books about the Illuminati starting with "Illuminati, The Cult That Hijacked The World".

In this podcast Henry talks about his in depth research into how this Illuminati/Zionists Elite are in the final stages of completing an almost 250 year old plan for a New World Order and Totalitarian Control System, that has hijacked religions, the media, sexuality, science, the family unit and all area's of our lives. 

Anyone who has done even an ounce of research knows that there are a group of "Elite" families who run our day to day lives, all the way up to the Rothschild's and likely beyhond. In this interview Henry pulls no punches on what is known as the "Transgender Agenda" as well as Judaism and how we are ALL being duped into carrying out the Elites bidding in one way or another, truly building ourselves a prison as we go. 

His books "Cruel Hoax" and the Illuminati Series can be found via his fantastic website below, and I highly recommend you read his work as it pulls no punches on how this set up truly functions. Henry has an in depth knowledge of how it all works on all stages from Politics to Gender to Religion, and whilst we don't agree on all topics I certainly respect his views and his research and learnt allot and really enjoyed this incredible interview.

Please head over to his website

Grab a copy of his fantastic book "Illuminati The Cult That Hijacked The World" here

Thank you to Henry for taking the time out of his day to speak with me and I hope this is the first of many more.

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