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February 1, 2019

GLITCH IN THE CODE EP 1 - JONATHAN ROYLE (Mind Control - how it works)

The Tin Foil Hats podcast is back with a brand new name and theme. Join us as we explore the moments when some of the best minds in alternative views on the world, first realised that something was not quite right with how they believed this reality of ours to be.

From documentary filmmaker Richard Willett "Plugged In: The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed" comes this incredible new series where we explore everything from personality disorders, Mk Ultra Mind Control, The true nature of the music and film industries, Satanic symbolism and everything in between, as well as how it all connects together in one big spiders web sewn from the very top down. 

EPISODE 1: Jonathan Royle - Extreme Hypnosis, Extreme Danger 

Jonathan Royle (Alex Smith) is one of the most renowned stage hypnotists in the world today, and for the past 30 years. Both controversial and unique in his approach to his work, Jonanthan is one of the very few to give a true and transparent insight into how hypnosis works and how it can be used for both positive and negative results. 

In this first episode we talk about some the themes we will be exploring the documentary we will be collaborating on "Extreme Hypnosis,Extreme Danger" as well as topics such as MK Ultra, Mass hypnosis via the media, addiction and hypnosis and much much more. 

For more great episodes with Jonathan, check out this channel for the Tin Foil Hats episodes on what is down the deep dark rabbit hole. Connect with Jonathan and check out more of his work via the link below.


PLUGGED IN: The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

From the producer of this series comes the ground breaking new documentary Plugged In. Directed by Richard Willett and edited by the team a Brick In The Wall Media with Co Founder Danny Cotton, Plugged In takes you on an exploration with Executive Producer Richard Grannon into the true toxic effects that unlimited access to social media and smart phones are having on what is know as Digital Natives. 

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