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March 17, 2019


In this brand new podcast I sit down and speak in depth with Souza Garcia who is the creator of the website and has managed to put together an amazing resource for those who want to look into the Michael Jackson molestation cases.

This podcast does not just scratch the surface of this case alone, myself and Souza really dig deep into the Hollywood Music Satanic ring that is known to hide underneath both of these industries. Many researchers have studied this for years, this is nothing new. Nothing is as it seems in the land of Hollyweird and the music business, with our combined investigation into both, we have linked names and projects together to show just the very top of what is going on here, mostly just the gate keepers we see on TV and in Films. From MK Ultra projects such as Project Monarch to the black mail and set up by the 13 top families that really run our world, trickling down to the 300 bloodlines this is the real world wide web I’m afraid. You might not believe it but the research seems to point to strongly back these theories up, either way something weird is going on in the land of the rich and famous. 

It might sound fantastic, but if you take time to look into Micheal's music he was writing about this from the History album onwards with songs like They Don’t Care About Us, Stranger In Moscow, D.S, This Time Around, Little Susie, All the lost children and more on the Invincible album such as Privacy and Threatened.

Recently music industry legend Ron Newt mysteriously died on his way to appear on a radio show to talk about how it was people connected to Oprah that were behind him being asked (again) to take 20k to say Micheal abused his kids who were signed to his record label MJJ Records. Again, he died on the way, a perfectly health man turns up dead….it could be coincidence, but I will leave that up to you.

You can see the video here by Tareeq Nasheed where he explains it all Live on his twitter feed.

This podcast brings up the greater picture of what this case might mean in order to shine the final spot light on the Hollyweird Music Industry, and the amount of children that go missing each year around the world. We believe that Michael, Wade and Safechuck are all victims of an ongoing long line of satanic ritual abuse, wrote about in books by people such as Jay Dyer Esoteric Hollywood, Mark Devlin’s Musical Truth, Neil Sanders your thoughts are not your own, Brice Taylor and Cathy O Brien's books on Mind Control….it goes on and on.

I believe Micheal was innocent, only because the research leads to that conclusion if you take the time to do the research, if we did not think so we would of course not be making this podcast or putting our own FREE time into these projects which we do not get paid and are NOT sponsored to do so, we do this because we believe it is the right thing to do and to protect our kids when we leave this place.

There is much more to this than meets the eye and we believe that the lid is about to blow off this Hollywood Satanic Ritual Ring, just knowing that the Co Founder of Sundance Film Festival was reported as abusing an adolescent in 1993, this was about to become common knowledge and the Harvey Weinstein documentary was also set to be screened at Sundance, suddenly they drop the Weinstein film and replace it with a shoddy put together in 3 weeks documentary about Micheal Jackson called Leaving Neverland. That is why it is all one sided, clearly scripted and full of drone shots.

Connect that to the appearance on Oprah’s show of Wade and Safechuck, the fact that she spent her 60th birthday watching it at Sundance on Dave Geffen’s boat, who is in business with Stephen Spielberg who directed The Colour Purple produced by Quincy Jones. The dots start to connect, again these are possibly only gate keepers and way down the list of the Hollyweird Hierarchy. A good place to start though.

To find all you need to know about the Micheal Jackson cases visit Souza Garcia’s website below

Also check out her incredible videos on her Youtube Channel

It is up to you to decide what is true, but please go in and research times, dates, timelines and remember both Robson and Safechuck and the Garzia’s all said MJ did nothing to them, Robson under oath. The points raised in the podcast are just our views and based on our research through the years but you need to do your own research as nothing as it seems in Hollyweird

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