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April 26, 2019


In this follow up to our previous podcast Glitch In The Code Episode #EP7, myself and Souza from The Michael Jackson Innocent Project sit down to discuss wether we it could at all be possible that there is more behind this "Documentary" than just money?

For many it will be a hard listen, but there have been thousands of researchers into some of the themes that we will be covering in the interview, and as more comes to light about the reality of Hollywood/Music Industries it is an investigative journalists duty to cover all possibilities no matter how far out or strange they may seem on the surface. 

First of all we would like to convey that we believe that Michael is totally innocent of ALL charges made against him since 1993 which only begs the question as to why this is all happening, and money just don't seem to cover all bases. 

Some background research on Hollywood and The Music Industry will give you an understanding that young children are often bought into these industries and abused and manipulated into the spotlight. Michael was the most famous man on the planet, his talent transcends generations and his love for all is evident in every piece of art he has ever released. That being said, he has been surrounded by Hollywoods elites since the age of 10 and the timing and fall out of this so called documentary goes to show that people such as Oprah, Dave Geffen, Spielberg, Weinstein and even Paul McCartney have continued to pop up when it is time to throw Micheal to the wolves. These are just the latest names but connect the dots back through Quincy Jones to Motown and a strange world seems to appear.

In this podcast we introduce some theories that may on the surface seem absurd but doing the research via authors such as Mark Devlin (Music Truth) Neil Sanders (Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own) and Jay Dyer (Hollywood Decoded) plus the incredible books on Mk Ultra by Fritz Springmeier ( Illuminati Mind Controlled Slaves) does give credibility to the theories we are discussing. Again these are THEORIES based on our research, not facts! please do your own research and feel free to dismiss as you feel appropriate. 

It is my personal belief that this time Oprah and her Hollywood friends underestimated the incredible heart and drive behind Micheal's true fans and that they totally disregarded the fans with a poorly constructive narrative that they did not believe we would pick apart. I also believe Safechuck and Robson are both victims in this long line of Hollywood victims, though totally responsible for their part in the documentary of course. 

So what is it if it is not just about money? is it blackmail, or something far more sinister. Even if none of what we discuss is true, remember condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance and if we are to want those who condemn Michael to do their research then we have to be willing to do the same.

Finally as a Micheal Jackson fan myself, I would like to thank and show gratitude to each and every Michael Jackson supporter who has stood up for Michael through the years and the incredible work they have done in the past 10 weeks to stem the tide. Also a quick nod to Taj Jackson who is an incredibly brave man along with Brandi who has done wonders to protect the legacy of her uncle. 

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