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In this weeks podcast I sit down with Charlie Robinson who is the author of 'The Global Octopus of Control' and one of the most prominent researchers of the Global Control System today. COVID 19 or the Coronavirus has caused untold damage to millions of lives the world over, but not so much through the virus itself but the destruction of our civil rights and the crashing of the economy caused in large part by the Mainstream Media . We take a look at how this could finally be the last nail in the mainstream media's coffin.

There is no Gold Standard test for COVID 19 only a Coronavirus and many deaths have been reported as have "Corona like symptoms" which are the same as extreme FLU like symptoms. What ever we think of the Corona Virus Pandemic (it if is) no one can seriously dismiss that the mainstream media have blood on their hands with fear mongering in over load. My personal hope is that it will be widely accepted that any reported by the following is at best 10% true and 90% bullshit. BBC, ITV, CHANNEL 4, SKY, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, SKY, NEWS Corp UK, Google/Alphabet.

All mainstream news outlets get their news from Reuters which is why they all pump out the same nonsense. YOUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE TO YOU EVERYDAY, THATS WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO. Help support alternative media journalists by supporting the likes of Charlie Robinson via the links below.

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MADNESS does not even come close to the world we are now living in, in less than three months the world has been turned on its head with a Pandemic called COVID -19 or the Corona Virus (which adds up to 666 if you see the numerical + alphabetical equation)

In this podcast I speak with my good mate and spiritual medium David Holt, about all of this madness and the fall out as well as what is to come. Could we be on the edge of the following?

A Social Credit System, 5G Millimeter Waves, Microchipped population, Military States, Forced Vaccines and a world that resembles 1984 & Brave new World. 


To find out more about Davids work check out his website below  


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Well is strange strange days, here at we have been talking about these things for decades as have the likes of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and now here we are. Just today UK Prime Minister has ordered pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as gyms to close...what sort of Orwellian world do we now live in ?

For the next couple of weeks from March 17th onwards we will be producing LOCK DOWN 2020 interviews with everyday people as they try to help each other find their way through this madness. As we are all of various levels of "lockdown" we discuss what that means, the knock on effect on the economy which will likely be devastated and what sort of New World Order will come of this.

The Mass Mind Control is being pumped out by the pathetic mainstream media, who are going on TV sitting 3 feet apart as part of the "Social Distancing" . The worlds gone mad so why not document it for future generations to come.


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This week we deep dive into the dark world of intelligence, with former CIA officer and Marine Robert David Steele. Robert Steele was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and is the Co Founder of US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity as well as the creator of Open Source Everything Engineering.

Order Out Of Chaos is the maxim of what is commonly known under such names as the elite, Illuminati, Ultra Zionism, Sabbatean Frankism and Satanism. In this enthralling episode former CIA Case Officer Robert Steele talks about his take on the current Coronavirus and how it could be an opportunity for a factory reset for humanity. He also talks about why he supports President Donald Trump and why he believes Trump is playing a game of chess with this satanic cult.

Are we on the edge of a New World Order? brought about from the ashes of chaos talked about for decades by researchers all over the world, and if so is it up to us as the human race to finally step up and create the ORDER WE WANT for our children and grandchildren out of this current world in chaos.

Here are some links to connect with Robert David Steele and help support his mission.

Thanks to Robert for taking the time to speak with us here at the true alternative.

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In this weeks show I am joined by Richard Grannon, The Spartan Life Coach. Richard is one of the worlds leading experts on personality disorders including Psychopathic and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In these strange strange times we take a look at how Narcissism is becoming 'Narchontic' inline with the mythological 'Archon' energy that is said to control the hybrid bloodlines that cause chaos on this planet. This Holy Grail/Hybrid Bloodline are those who control the world today, and the evidence appears to show this bloodline originates off planet.

The mythology says that we 'humans' were created as a slave race by an off world race called The Anunnaki who took a reptilian form and came from the Draco star system. However fantastic that seems, researchers such as David Icke, Max Igan, Jordan Maxwell and many others have spent decades tracing this mythology back through all religions to the lands of Lumeria and Atlantis. 

If the Archon energy is a negative Reptilian energy then it is clearly directly in line with Narcissism and Psychopathy, maybe that is how it manifest on planet earth. Like Neo found out in the Matrix films, we are slaves and were born into bondage, its time we broke free. 

Join Richards work to overcome Narcissistic abuse here on his personal sights.


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In this weeks show Journalists and media content producer for Rich Willett speaks with Paster and Senior Churchman Paul Wallis about his fascinating new book 'Escaping Eden'. We live in incredible times when high level Christian Church Pastors are willing and brave enough to look into the true history behind the mythologies and Sumerian texts that make up the narratives in the religious books of the world. These include the New and Old Testament, The Torah, The Hindu Scripts, The Talmud and the Kabbalah teachings. What is even more fascinating is that Paul takes a look at the clear indication that an ET race created the Human Race, one that lived in Atlantis and Lemuria and came from places such as the Draco star system. As the years and decades roll by , the work of such researchers as David Icke , Max Igan, Jordan Maxwell and hundreds of others appear to be much more than mythologies.

Order Paul's new book here

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This week I produced one of my most in depth podcasts with Matthew Valentinas who is one of the producers of "An Open Secret". An Open Secret is one the most shocking documentaries i've seen in years and its slated as the "Film That Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See". 

This incredible documentary investigates the dark situation at The Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) which was an early version of what Netflix was to become in terms of online content. Matthew and his team tell the stories of a number of young men who were child actors at the time and how they were reportedly groomed and abused whilst producing content for the platform, it is believed that was the main reason for the platforms creation.  In the film the boys, now young men, talk about Mark Collins Rector and his partner Chad Shakley who along with a young Brock Pearce (Now in Bitcoin) had arranged numerous parties for the young boys at the M&C estate where the acts are said to have been committed as well as elsewhere during that time. The film covers the impact of this horrifying ordeal on the young men in later life. 

What makes this even more astounding is that this "project" was funded by the Biggest Names in Hollywood such as Dave Geffen who is the business partner of Stephen Speilberg at Dreamworks and Bryan Singer who is the director of XMen and someone who had numerous accusations against him. There are also links to Microsoft and Disney. 

The founder Mark Collins Rector is now a convicted Sex offender who has appeared to gone off grid as nobody seems to know where he is. 

In this fascinating interview Matthew Valentinas he talks about the making of the documentary, his ongoing research into Hollywood and those that run it today as well as just why this is truly the film that Hollywood Does Not Want You To See, thus they had to self distribute the film.

To watch the full film for Free click the link below

A special shout out should be made to the brave man who funded this film in Gabe Hoffman who donated all original sales to The Courage to Act Foundation and made this film because he believes it to be the right thing to do. And the director Amy Berg who did a fantastic job. 

Please connect with Matthew if you have any further information

An support An Open Secret by following the link below and sharing the film far and wide.

I would like to thank Matthew, Gabe, Amy and everyone involved in this important film. Hollywood is being revealed as hiding darkness behind its curtains. 




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 In this weeks podcast I chat with the author of Esoteric Hollywood and presenter of the Gia TV series Hollywood Decoded about everything from the Movies predictions of the technocracy we are heading head first into, diving into 5G Millimetre waves, A Holographic show down via the new Solomons Temple. 

We also talk about Jays religious beliefs and how that ties into what we are seeing in the Middle East and The End Times Prophecy as well as how that is being played out in Hollywood. Jay is incredible knowledgable hilarious and insightful and its a pleasure to have him on the show for a second time. 


To find out about Jays work and his fantastic books Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2 click the links below.



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In this weeks podcast we look into the true nature of reality with Spiritualist Medium David Holt. I recently directed a brand new series for with David called "Are You Ready To Believe" and we had some incredible chats between the shoots which I wanted to delve deeper into during a one to one interview.

David is an incredible medium and wether you believe in this type of work or not, with over 12,000 readings in 16 years David has proven himself to be incredibly gifted. 

In this episode I wanted to go on a journey with David into the nature of reality and how changing the way we see ourselves and this five sense "world" around us can make more sense of the afterlife and spirit. David is a lovely guy and I am looking forward to working with him much more in 2020, his book "Are You Ready To Believe" is fantastic which you can pick up here

For more info on one to one readings in person or over Skype and his tour dates, please visit Davids website at 

For the brand new series "Are You Ready To Believe with David Holt  Ickonic please visit The series will be released late December 2019.


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Its been a while!, I have been busy helping to launch the brand new platform with Jaymie and Gareth Icke to counter the new COPPA legislation of Youtube. Our aim is to create a sold industry and platform for all researchers of alternative media.

In this brand new episode I got to sit down with the incredible MAX Igan of The Crow House to discuss how this one world government is now rolling out its One World Agenda for us all to see, without even trying to hide it now. With the recent revelations even in the mainstream media of Jeffery Epstein and his relationship with Prince Andrew and Harvey Weinstein shinning a light on Hollywood! The powers that WE ALLOW TO BE are quickly censoring Youtube and ushering in 5G and The Smart Grid. 

In this podcast we discuss everything from the new YOUTUBE legislation that is COPPA, 5G and its Milli meter Wave Technology, Smart Grids and the surveillance of 5G and its effect on the human soul and body. We also discuss the pedophile rings within Hollywood, big business and the royal blood lines and much much more.

This is one big corporate government that is truly ushering in 1984 and a One World Order by 2030. Time to wake up kids, the real fight has begun. Our world is run by pedophiles and criminals and we must stop it today!!

Join Max and his fantastic research at

Help support the Crow House at


Also join us at as we pave the way towards an industry to keep this true and alternative information alive in a world that is now on information lock down via corporations such as Youtube, Alphabet, DARPA and the One World Government....."we are the many they are the very few"


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